Official Vivo Mobile Driver for Windows

Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver

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Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver allows you to connect your Smartphone to the Windows Computer. The Vivo USB Driver can be beneficial if you’re trying to connect your Smartphone to Sync Data between the Mobile and the Computer, flashing/installing Stock Firmware (OS) on the device, or fixing Software related issues on the mobile.

Vivo Y56 5G Driver

Vivo Y56 5G Driver for Windows

The Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver allows a computer to detect and recognize the Vivo Y56 5G smartphone when connected via a USB cable. In addition, it contains the necessary files for the device’s proper functioning. It is used for various tasks, including transferring files, backing data, and debugging the device.

There are several scenarios when you might need to install the Vivo driver to connect the device to the computer. They are:

  1. Transfer data from the Vivo Smartphone to the Computer or from the computer to the Smartphone.
  2. To free up the device space.
  3. To install the Stock Firmware (OS) on the device.
  4. To Write/Flash IMEI on the Device.

Download Vivo Y56 5G Driver for Windows

Name Vivo Y56 5G Driver
Type USB Driver for Vivo Y56 5G Smartphone
Developer Vivo Mobile Communication Co.,Ltd
File Name
File Size 8.94 MB
Version 1.1.0
Supports Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver?

Vivo USB Driver is a driver for connecting Vivo phones to a computer. It allows users to connect their Vivo phones to the computer to access the phone’s data, transfer files, install applications, and perform other tasks.

How do I install the Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver?

You can install the Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver by downloading the .exe file and installing the driver on the Computer. The installation process is quite similar to the standard Windows Application. You can follow the How to install the Vivo Driver page to install the drivers correctly.

Is Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver Free?

Yes, the official Vivo USB Driver is free to download and use since the Vivo community officially releases it for Vivo Smartphone users.

Is Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver Safe?

Yes, the Vivo Y56 5G USB Driver is safe. It is a legitimate driver that is provided by Vivo, the manufacturer of the device and is not malicious or corrupted in any way.

Where Can I find Vivo Y56 5G Firmware?

If you are looking for the original Vivo Y56 5G Firmware (Stock ROM), then head over to the Vivo Y56 5G Firmware page. is not affiliated or endorsed by Vivo Mobile Communication Co.,Ltd | Hosted on Hostinger, CDN by BunnyCDN

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