Official Vivo Mobile Driver

Vivo/iQOO Driver

Download the latest Vivo USB Driver, created by Vivo. The Vivo USB Driver works for all the Vivo/iQOO Android Devices, whether running on Android 4.0 or the newest Android 13.

The Vivo USB Drivers allows you to connect your Vivo/iQOO Smartphone and Tablets with the Windows Computer. The Vivo driver can be handy if you're trying to transfer your data between smartphones and computers.

The Vivo driver can also be helpful during the firmware installation process, IMEI writing process, or taking a backup of the Vivo/iQOO device on the computer. Furthermore, since the Vivo/iQOO Smartphone runs on the Android OS, the inbuilt ADB Drivers inside the Vivo Drivers can easily detect the Vivo/iQOO Devices when connected to the Windows computer.

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